Setting system variable path for java is very easy task.All you need to do is to follow these steps :

  • Right click on My Computer or Computer and then click properties
  • Then the System Properties window appears , go to Advanced Tab (for Windows XP) or click on the Advanced System settings on the right side panel ( for Windows 7) 
For windows 7 | Click to view larger image

  •  Then the System Properties window appears click on the Environment Variables

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  •  Then Environment Variables window appears , Click on the New... in the User Variables ( the top panel )
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  • Then , the New User Variable window appears and in the Variable Name column give a variable name ( for example : java_path ) , note that the variable name that you give should not exist in the user variables list. And in the next column give the path ( the path is usually where the java is installed , according to TipsnTricks4All java usually get installed in the Program Files , for example if java is installed in the C Drive , then the path usually will be C:\Program Files\Java\jdk.1.7.0\bin for a jdk 1.7.0 version , you have to observe that it will always be in the bin folder in jdk inside Java folder
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Do not forget to keep ;.; for good path setting , wherever Java is installed in your system , the common thing is the path is the bin directory which contains all the necessary class files including java compiler and executor