Get a Free SSL Certificate for your website | Absolutely 100 % free for lifetime

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You can now get a free SSL Certificate for your site for free , all you need to do is to know about it.

1. Which company/organization offers free SSL Certificates ?

A. The one that offers free SSL is OpenSSL

2. What i need to do ?
A. You just need to download the toolkit and install it in your browser

3. Is it absolutely free ?
A. Yes it is absolutely free and open

Click here to go to OpenSSL

Where to get Free SSL Certificates from The worlds most recommended SSL Provider !

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Free EV SSL Certificates are offered by the world’s most recommended SSL Provider.It is true , the world’s most recommended SSL Provider VeriSign is offering free EV SSL certificates only for 30 days , all you need to do it to sign up for it.Click here to get the offer.
    You need to remember that this is just a trial and cannot be installed if for a blog or a website , it can be installed if the server is with you.