Disabling Services was also highly important to enable your system to load faster.These services delay and slow down your computer.Diabling them is easy if you follow these steps..

  1. Go To Run and then type services.msc and then Click OK
  2. The services window opens in the explorer.
  3. There will be a list of services in the form of a table with specific columns.
  4. See them for automatic column.
  5. See the services which run automatically when your system starts.
  6. If they were microsoft services , just leave them.
  7. If they were not i recommend you to start the services manually.
  8. To start the services manually you need to double click on the service that you want to start manually and then the propertie window opens , then in the drop down box select Manual and then click OK.
  9. That’s it the next time you start your windows it will be faster than before.