Most of the people who are new to the internet security visit sites that contain false content , that can include somethings that can damage or spoil your system , this is observed mostly these days and many of the people are also giving their money by saying their credit card numbers and getting fooled in the hands of the hackers.So i strongly recommend for those people who keeps saying credit card numbers and then getting fooled.

What sites are trusted ?
   Sites with SSL Certificates or trusted by an sites like VeriSign , DigiCert , Truste Certified Privacy are good and safe to visit.

Dont :

Dont get attracted to site names , they may be anything it is the cleverness of the hacker.

Check the SSL Certificates ( they are safe for transactions )
Check if whether they are trusted by Verisign , Trsute Certified Privacy or GeoTrust etc.
Some sites try to install addons on your browser automatically without your permission , some sites also install malware on your computer , that effects your computer of course Google warns you in the search itself.