If you want to prevent your computer from threats,malware and viruses.Definitely an anti virus is needed.Many of the users are left in a state of confusion of what anti virus they have to use.Dont worry , i have a solution for them.Choosin the best anti virus is easy.
It depends upon two issues.

  1. If your computer is connected to the internet , i suggest you to use AVG Free antivirus.It is the most preffered according to me.It is the best antivirus.It gives you many options and features and protects your computer from malware,viruses etc.
  2. If you are not connected to the internet , i recommend you to use a light wait antivirus like Kaspersky , it is very light.It does not have much stuff and does not slow up your system.

Download and install them.They were very free to use.While kaspersky offers only a free trial of 30 days , so after then , you can use the AVG as said.It is also the best.

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