File Extensions were the characters that demonstrate what type of file it is , either a text file , or an mp3(Music file) etc.These recognitions make you easier to know what is the type of the file and also the program that can open or edit it.Here are the list of file extensions available :

Text File Extensions :

  • .txt – Text File (Most Commonly used : Notepad,Wordpad)
  • .rtf – Rich Text Format File (Most Commonly used :Wordpad,MS Word)

Media File Extensions :

  • .mp3 – MPEG-Layer 3 (Music File.This is mostly and widely used for playing music) (Most Commonly used : Winamp,Windows Media Player,iTunes,Real Player)
  • .flv – Flash Video (Mostly found in Youtube [ Most Videos are in this form ] ).(Most Commonly used : VLC Media Player ( Portable and Non – Portable ) )
  • .wmv – Windows Media Video File (Most Commonly used : VLC Media Player , Winamp , Windows Media Player )
  • .swf – Shockwave Flash (Most Commonly used :Winamp)

Office Documents Extensions  :

  • .doc – Document (Most Commonly used :Microsoft Word , )¬†