How to protect your PC from hackers ? What are the world’s top 5 internet security suites ?

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In which programming language was Windows 7 developed ?

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  Many of the people were enthusiastic to know in which programming language was Windows 7 developed in , the Windows 7 is expected to be developed in C# which is a Microsoft product.It shares the Object Oriented Programming principle.

What is snipping tool in Windows 7 ? What it does ?

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Snipping tool is a tool that is provided in default with the Windows 7 Operating System , that lets you snip windows or parts of your screen.
  It offers :

  • Rectangular Snip
  • Window Snip
  • Free-form Snip
  • Full screen snip

Many of the demo’s in terms of pictures are made mostly in this way , the cut the windows or select rectangular areas and then save them into JPG , PNG , GIF formats.

1.  How to use it ?
A. That’s simple.Just click the new ( drop down button ) and then choose the type of snip you want automatically , the processes running currently get paused and you can snip them.

2. What still it offers ?
A. It offers to draw on the images such as drawing or rounding of some important part of the picture.It also offers erasing the image.

How to remove Recycle Bin From Desktop ? Easy Trick for Windows 7

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What to do when a program or an application does not respond in windows ?

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Most of us restart the computer , when a program does not respond.So at that time the unsaved data will be lost.In order to avoid the unsaved data loss , i have a simple and a clean technique.

  • Right click on the task bar , a menu appears
  • Then click on the Task Manager , the Task Manager appears
  • Select the program that is not responding and then Click the End Process button
  • Then a confirmation dialog appears , Click End Process button on it
  •  Thats it the process is ended ! 
Warning : Do not click on any windows process , if you are sure about the name of the application that is not responding , then end the process or else system may be effected.

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