The greatest fight in the field of softwares today and ofcourse everyday is Windows Vs Linux.These two operating systems were outstanding , still there is a tough competition and variation between these two.For a computer starter , he/she at times may be confused what to go through either linux/windows , linux is free and open source and windows is not free and not open source.
      Linux is quite complicated and windows is easy.Ofcourse linux today too increasing the attachment with the user.But still Windows is used by most of the people , however if you are a starter i suggest to use linux , if you want to learn computer easily and operate the system easily then use Windows and also only if you can buy , pirated versions are available but illegal and is not as effective as genuine.

Advantages of linux :
  • You can extend it if you know programming
  • You can design it in your own way
  • It is provided with high security and no virus,spyware,malware or adware shakes to even touch it
  • It is the worlds most powerful operating system
  • It is offered for free by many companies
  • Web Servers and Cloud Servers use linux
  • Linux Servers are more powerful than Windows Servers
  • No need of special anti virus softwares
  • Linux cannot be hacked easily
  • It is free and open source
  • You can modify its code if you know programming
  • It also has pre-installed softwares that covers the home user’s needs

Disadvantages of Linux :

  • We do not have the chance to choose from millions of apps as windows have
  • It is quite complicated to learn
  • We can extend it only if we know programming

Advantages of Windows :

  • Windows is easy to use and user friendly
  • We can choose from millions of apps available
  • Free downloads are available for Windows in the official site and on other sites
  • A wide range of themes and transformation packs are available
  • There is no need of programming language
  • Pre installed softwares for meeting home user’s needs are available with OS

Disadvantages of Windows :

  • It is not free and open source
  • It cannot be extended/modified through programming
  • It is not as secure as linux and is mostly effected by virus,spyware,malware and adware
  • Anti virus software is to be downloaded separately and installed
  • Windows can be hacked easily as most of the hackers know the heart of Windows , Malware can be easily spread
  • It stops responding at times , and as most of the people use pirated ones and if observed or detected by the company through an internet connection , the system will be blocked.

All you need to know , is that you have to decide the OS you want on the basis of advantages and disadvantages , but remember to use genuine Windows if you go for Windows.