Can we increase the internet speed ?

This is the question that most of the people ask today.The answer is Yes.We can increase the internet speed.It is very easy.You need to know a little about DNS.

DNS stands for Domain Name Server.It means that it translates the website name into the system language , means in the form of IP address.It controls the Internet speed.

I recommend you two ways to increase the internet speed.

  1. Google Public DNS
  2. OpenDNS

What are these ?

These are the Domain Name Servers , in order to increase your internet speed.You need to do the following..

  1. Go to Control Panel by typing control in the Run window and then Click OK.
  2. After the window opens , go to the Network and Internet.
  3. Then go to Network and Sharing Center.
  4. Click Local Area Connection.
  5. A window opens ,  Click Properties
  6. Then another window opens , In the list select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4)
  7. And then Click Properties.
  8. Another window opens in it , select the Use following DNS server addresses radio button then in the first field type 
  9. and in the next field type , this is for Google DNS
  10. If you want to use open dns just go to the OpenDNS website , create a account and follow the instructions and set it up.
  11. I say Google DNS is faster than the OpenDNS but OpenDNS provides most features than the Google DNS.Click here for more about OpenDNS and Go to OpenDNS website here.
  12. That’s it you see your connection speeding up.It is legal.