What is a database ?
  Database is the collection of organised data for one or more purposes usually in a digital form.

What is the difference between file system and database ?
   In File System data is stored in the form of files which are viewable,editable and can be deleted easily.It is clearly visible and can be searched.

What is the Database Management System ?
    DBMS (Database Management System) is the one that manages the database and the data in it.It is the software that makes the data in the database editable,viewable and deletable.

Which is the world’s no.1 Database Management System ?
      According to TipsnTricks4All and Users , the world’s no.1 Database Management System , now the Relational Database Management System is Oracle.It provides high security than any other database.It is from Oracle Corp.
         The data can be modified,deleted,viewed with the help of the query language SQL(Structured Query Language) which is a product of IBM Corp. The IBM Corporation has sold its rights to various companies that produce the database softwares and this language has been used in most of the database and relational database management systems (the latest version management system is ORDBMS (Object Relational Database Management System).
     Like other companies , Oracle Corp too adopted this SQL for data retrieving,deletion and modification.Yet Oracle Corp is the producer of the world’s No.1 Database Management System , there were many database management system , the SQL Server which is a Microsoft product is user friendly.