Most of the people in the world use a computer and most of the people we see today at least own a PC , but only some of the people are aware about how to keep the PC clean and maintain it.Well , i have a solution for it , if you follow these steps daily , then your PC will be clean , but before we take the steps , we need to know why our PC should be clean ?
    PC should be clean because it should not get repaired frequently , we observe in most cases most of the PC’s lie in the repair shops , this may be due to some software problems , but there is also a chance of hardware problem as a reason , hardware problems usually occur due to the irresponsible attitude towards the PC , most of the people work with the computer but only a few take care about its health what ever the reasons may be , the important aspect is to keep your PC protected.

Clean the monitor

You need to clean the monitor at least once a week , clean the glass of the monitor with a household cleaner like Colin that costs Rs.55 according to Indian Rupee (INR).It makes your monitor glass shine for a clear visibility.

Clean the CPU and other parts

You should also clean the CPU and other parts of your computer with a brush that may cost Rs.20 according to Indian Rupee (INR).This brush allows you to clean the keyboard and other thin and narrow parts of the computer not every cloth can be useful to do it , if you wish to clean other parts of the computer and dont have a brush , then use a soft cloth or a cotton cloth to clean the parts.

An UPS is Recommended

An UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is recommended because in case of power cut any unsaved data on the computer will be lost , and the next time you OS starts , the last configuration will be considered.There is no problem for saved data.
      The UPS stores some amount of electricity and helps your PC from not getting off in case of a power cut , it backups for about 15 minutes in order to save your data and shutdown your computer in the mean while time.Some UPS providers may also offer a backup of 30 minutes but can cost much.

Check your earth-wire connection

A proper earth-wire connection is needed for the best maintenance of a computer , the earthing provides the linear and good working of the system.Improper or no earthing leads to damages in harddisk , mother board and also an electric shock when you touch the CPU , when you connect any removable device to your computer , there are also more chances of those devices getting damaged.