Yes this can be done online , it is true.Online Document Editing , creating a power point presentation and spreadsheet , everything for free.

Try the Google Docs.The features of Google Docs are clearly written in the form of FAQ’s ?

1. What are Google Docs ?
A. Google Docs is a free online service provided and hosted by Google Inc.

2. What can be done ?
A. You can create documents , presentations , spreadsheets , Drawing , Forms online , (without the use of softwares such as MS-Office or OpenOffice).

3. What will i need ?
A. You need an internet connection with a browser.

4. Is it secure ?
A. Yes , it is secure , your documents and online editing everything will be going in the https protocal , which means that Hypertext Transfer Protocal (Secure) or Secure Hypertext transfer protocol.The SSL Certificate is provided by the Google Inc itself.

5. Does it provides all the features that other office softwares provide ?
A. It may not provide highly advanced features as those softwares provided but can be used for most purposes that most use daily.

6. Where will my presentations , documents , drawings and forms stored ?
A. They will be stored in Google servers.

7. Can i download them ?
A. Yes you can download them.

8. Can i download them in pdf format ?
A. Yes you can download them in pdf format.

9. Will they be private (Visible only to me) ?
A. Yes , they will be private.

10. Can we share them ?
A. Yes you can share them with your friends , family members or any others.

11. How can i use it ? Will i need to logon for it ?
A. You can use it by logging on to your respective Google account.

12. Do i need a gmail account ?
A. Yes you will need a google account.And the data stored will be under your account.

13. Can i view the documents that were present online ( in other servers) ?
A. Yes you can view them , this is called as Quick View.Google Docs are capable of even opening the documents , spreadsheets , forms , drawings that were present online.You no need to download them , and view it on the computer.