You can insert images that you want into your blogger post without uploading to blogger or to the web , you can just copy and paste them in your post , that looks simple.And when you click on image nothing gets opened , but you can view and download the image.That looks great !

  • Just copy the image to the clipboard , you can do it when you are editing the image on any photo editor like Photoshop,Windows Photo Viewer or anything and then paste it.Thats it.
  • This is image is inserted similarly , observe the url it looks different.
You can resize it in your blogger post however you want , but note that it is not linked (means the viewer cant maximize it , by clicking the image , this can be used safe in your blog and of course no one can link it , if they wish then they need to upload on the web  , if you wish to by the url , you get an 404 Error Not Found ! I hope that this trick works in wordpress and typepad and many such services also.